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486-90 Degree Bent Nose Plier

Chainmaille artists will especially love this plier. The 90 degree bent nose allows for picking up even the smallest jump rings and then easily transitioning to an open/close of the ring, all while keeping the wrist in a natural position.

This plier is also excellent for model hobbyists and crafters.

Ergonomically designed using soft Xuro-Rubber™ hand grips and an internal return spring for added precision and comfort.

Type of Tool:

  • Chain Nose
  • Bent Nose Plier

Project type:

  • Robotics
  • Plastic Kit Modeling
  • Model Railroading
  • Jewelry Manufacturing
  • General Hobbies And Crafts
  • Electronics
  • Chainmaille
  • Bead Stringing

Special Features:

    Wire size:


        236 277

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