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TK 2800 -Pliers Tool Kit

This kit includes three essential Xuron® pliers. The model #488 Round Nose Pliers – used for looping and forming wire, model #485FN Flat Nose Pliers – flat wider jaws for bending, forming, grasping and flattening wire, and the model #450 Tweezer Nose™ Pliers – delicate enough for tiny precise work yet strong enough for forming and bending operations.

This kit provides pliers for multiple applications and is a great starter kit. Tools come packaged in a sturdy canvas pouch that keeps them protected and clean when not in use. Pouch has two additional open spaces that can be used to store tweezers, pens, or an awl.

Type of Tool:

  • Tool Kit

Project type:

  • Wire Weaving
  • Plastic Kit Modeling
  • General Hobbies And Crafts
  • Electronics
  • Bead Stringing

Special Features:

    Wire size:


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