Xuron® XBow Series Cutter and Pliers

Xuron® XBow Series Flat Nose Pliers

We are pleased to introduce you to our new, XBow Series, line of precision cutters and pliers for jewelers.  

  • Swiss-Made
  • Multiple configurations of pliers styles, including an ultra precise round nose and short chain nose
  • Cutters with three head sizes and three types of cuts (flush, full-flush and semi-flush)
  • Ergonomic hand grips


XBow Series Q&A

When will these be available?

We are officially debuting this new line at BeadFest/Philadelphia.  

What does XBow mean?

XBow is short for crossbow, the crossbow being a symbol of Switzerland representing strength, precision and innovation.

How is the XBow series different from Xuron’s made in the USA cutters and pliers?

The major difference is in the type of steel and the method by which they are manufactured.  The fine details of this are limited because the information is propriety, however there are also differences in the aesthetic, the hand grip, the spring style and the applications.

The cutters are further differentiated by the type of cut they offer.  XBow series cutters are compression cutters and Xuron’s USA made cutters are Micro-Shear® Flush Cutters, meaning they cut by shearing as opposed to compression.

Why offer another line of cutters and pliers?

Because jewelers like options!  

Can the XBow Series cutters be resharpened?  

Yes, they can.  We have made arrangements with a qualified re-sharpening service and can provide details as necessary.

A Brief Overview

Cutters  – Oval Head, Tapered Head, Tapered and Relieved Head and Tip Cutters

Xuron® XBow Series Cutters featuring small, large and extra large head shapes

Pliers – Short Chain Nose, Long Chain Nose, Stout Chain Nose, Needle Nose, Short Flat Nose, Long Flat Nose, Bent Chain Nose and Round Nose

Xuron® XBow Series Pliers featuring long flat nose, short chain nose and round nose configurations

Xuron® XBow Series Short Flat Nose Pliers

Xuron® XBow Series Round Nose PliersXuron® XBow Series Short Chain Nose Pliers


In the coming weeks we will be providing more in-depth information about this new tool series and reactions from BeadFest.

Questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask!


Light ’em Up!

Imagine drawing on the wall of a cave or trying to paint the ceiling of a 16th Century Chapel using nothing but a couple of candles to illuminate what you’re working on. Today’s hobbyist, craftsmen and artists don’t have to rely on the light emitted by a few candles. We can have ample lighting to see what we are doing with just the flip of a switch. This is accomplished through the use of overhead lights, task lights, and key lights. As an added bonus, in the 21st century we have access to full spectrum lighting and magnification lamps!

One of the last things we need when working on a project is to add undue stress to our eyes. For this reason, lighting is one of the key elements I look to improve upon with each rendition of my scale modeling cave, garage workshop or my wife’s craft room. Proper lighting makes any project easier to accomplish by reducing eye strain.

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