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The best Xuron® tools for wire wrapping.

What are the Best Xuron® Tools for Expert Wire Wrapping?

By Abby Robey / June 14, 2022 / 1 Comment

Wire wrapping is a fun, creative process that allows you to create your own unique piece of jewelry. It requires patience, skill, and precision – but it has never been easier with Xuron® tools! In this blog post we will discuss the different Xuron® tools for wire wrapping and give some tips on which ones […]

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Xuron® 450 TweezerNose™ Modeling Pliers for Scale Model Builders.

Why Do Top Scale Model Builders Choose Xuron® 450 TweezerNose™ Pliers?

By Abby Robey / March 24, 2022 / 2 Comments

Quality modeling pliers are a must-have tool for any scale model builder. There are a variety of different types and brands of modeling pliers on the market, but one that consistently ranks as a favorite among top scale model builders is the Xuron® 450 TweezerNose™ Pliers. So, what makes these modeling pliers so special?

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Xuron® Beading Crimping Pliers.

How to Get the Perfect Crimp Every Time with Xuron® Beading Crimping Pliers

By Abby Robey / March 15, 2022 / 5 Comments

Beading crimping does not have to be the least favorite part of your stringing project. When we developed our Model 494 Four-in-One Beading Crimping Pliers the goal was to make something that performed well, was easy to use, and offered something extra. We achieved this by making a crimping pliers capable of folding and crimping […]

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The Xuron Model 2175ET is a scale modeling tool that no serious modeler should overlook.

7 Tips for New Scale Modelers

By Abby Robey / February 24, 2022 / 0 Comments

If you’re interested in plastic scale modeling, you probably already know that the hobby is a lot more than just assembling pieces of plastic. In fact, it can be downright challenging at times. But if you’re up for the challenge, and you’re willing to learn a few things along the way, then read on – […]

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Professional Modelers Need this Xuron® Tool Kit.

Professional Modeler’s Tool Kit to the Rescue

By Gerald Voigt / January 21, 2022 / 2 Comments

For all hobbyists, tools are an important part of the creative process. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced scale model builder, it’s more enjoyable when you have the right tool for the task at hand. When your basic modeling tools can be found in one Xuron® Modelers Tool Kit, that’s even better.

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