Abby Robey

I am the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Xuron Corporation. I've had the pleasure of working here for 25 years and one of my favorite parts of the job is meeting Xuron® tool users and hearing the feedback about the products we make.

The Xuron® Model 2175 Maxi-Shear™ Industrial Flush Cutter Is Our Most Popular Cutter.

Why The Xuron® 2175 Maxi-Shear™ Flush Cutter Is Our Most Popular Cutter

By Abby Robey | September 21, 2022

The Xuron® model 2175 is a versatile, durable, and ergonomic flush cutter that is used by manufacturers in a variety of industries. This cutter is USA-made and provides an excellent value for the price. It is available in three different models: the standard 2175, the 2175F with a lead retainer that keeps cut pieces of […]

Xuron® 440 Mini-Scissors.

Xuron® 440: The Electric Wire and Cable Processors’ Favorite Mini-Scissors

By Abby Robey | August 8, 2022

If you work with wire processing, electronics, telecommunications, or 3D printing, the Xuron® 440 mini scissors will be a useful and versatile addition to your toolbox. With its precision blades and tough construction, the Xuron® 440 easily cuts through tough materials like lacing tape, cable jacketing, mesh insulation, non-aramid fibers and soft metals up to […]

The best Xuron® tools for wire wrapping.

What are the Best Xuron® Tools for Expert Wire Wrapping?

By Abby Robey | June 14, 2022

Wire wrapping is a fun, creative process that allows you to create your own unique piece of jewelry. It requires patience, skill, and precision – but it has never been easier with Xuron® tools! In this blog post we will discuss the different Xuron® tools for wire wrapping and give some tips on which ones […]

Xuron® 450 TweezerNose™ Modeling Pliers for Scale Model Builders.

Why Do Top Scale Model Builders Choose Xuron® 450 TweezerNose™ Pliers?

By Abby Robey | March 24, 2022

Quality modeling pliers are a must-have tool for any scale model builder. There are a variety of different types and brands of modeling pliers on the market, but one that consistently ranks as a favorite among top scale model builders is the Xuron® 450 TweezerNose™ Pliers. So, what makes these modeling pliers so special?

Xuron® Beading Crimping Pliers.

How to Get the Perfect Crimp Every Time with Xuron® Beading Crimping Pliers

By Abby Robey | March 15, 2022

Beading crimping does not have to be the least favorite part of your stringing project. When we developed our Model 494 Four-in-One Beading Crimping Pliers the goal was to make something that performed well, was easy to use, and offered something extra. We achieved this by making a crimping pliers capable of folding and crimping […]

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