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April 12, 2020

XURON® Model 2193 Hard Wire Cutter

An ergonomic cutter that is designed for cutting music wire, nichrome, stainless steel and other types of hard wire, leaving flat ends on both sides, is available from Xuron Corporation of Saco,Maine USA.
The XURON® Model 2193 Hard Wire Cutter features full blade by-pass cutting which causes the wire to break, rather than being squeezed and deformed as happens with standard cutters. Leaving flat ends on both sides of the cut wire, the by-pass cutting combined with a high leverage cutting head minimizes the user’s required hand pressure.
Saving other types of cutting tools from getting damaged, the XURON® Model 2193 Hard Wire Cutter is made of tough alloyed steel and heat treated, with cutting edges to Rc 60-62. This ergonomic cutter has a glare eliminating black finish, cushioned Xuro-Rubber™ hand grips and a return spring. It is rated for cutting hard wire up to 0.040” diameter.
The XURON® Model 2193 Hard Wire Cutter is proudly made in the USA and is available through Authorized Xuron Distributors.