Professional Modeler’s Tool Kit to the Rescue

Professional Modelers Need this Xuron® Tool Kit.

For all hobbyists, tools are an essential part of the creative process. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced scale model builder, it’s more enjoyable when you have the right tool for the task at hand. When your basic modeling tools can be found in one Xuron® Modelers Tool Kit, that’s even better. Be sure to read through to the end, because we’re giving away this Xuron TK 3200 Professional Modeler’s Tool Kit, to one lucky modeler!

From One Scale Modeler to Another

As a scale modeler myself, I like it whenever I can make tasks easier and still achieve the results I want. This starts with using the Xuron® #2175ET Sprue Cutter to remove both robust and delicate parts from the sprues without damaging them. Lesser tools pinch and tear, which is the primary cause of damage to plastic parts being removed from the sprue. But I return again and again to the #2175ET, relying on it, right through to the final stage where the “fiddly bits” are added.

Advanced Scale Modeling

If you are building an advanced skill-level kit, one that includes photo-etched parts or have purchased them as an add-on accessory, you know that the photo-etch often costs as much as the kit itself. Because of this, you’ll want the Xuron® #9180ET PE scissors for precision cutting without bending or twisting the piece being removed from the fret. Once a piece of PE is damaged, it is almost impossible to undo the damage. (Tip: Click to see the proper technique for using this #9180ET photo etch cutting tool.)

The #9180ET makes the removal of even the smallest part from other tightly spaced parts on the PE fret easier. Its long sharp jaws allow one to shave a minute amount from a part without damaging it. This is very useful when trimming PE parts that are to be inlaid into a recessed area on a plastic part such as a dashboard, door, or well.

Gentle, but Firm

Lastly, having a tool that allows you to hold, place, and manipulate a small part or piece, whether it is plastic or photo-etch, is a much appreciated plus. A needle-nose pliers that is strong, yet delicate in its ability to hold onto the smallest part is necessary for every scale modeler. And that’s just what you’ll find with the Xuron® #450 Tweezernose™ Modeling Pliers.

All Three in One Xuron® Modelers Tool Kit

The Xuron® Tool Kit #3200 includes three essential tools for pro model builders.
The Xuron® Tool Kit #TK3200

So, how does one find all three tools in one package? Easy, the Xuron® Professional Modeler’s Tool Kit #TK3200 includes the #2175ET Professional Sprue Cutter, #9180ET Professional Photo-Etch Scissors, and the #450 Tweezernose™ Pliers, all together in one set. They come packaged in a protective canvas pouch to keep them safe and organized.

The #2175ET and the #9180ET are designed to cut parts cleanly without residue, making it easier and faster to prepare the parts for assembly. And the precision needle-nose jaws of the #450 remain perfectly aligned to ensure the part is secure while being held and positioned, whether you are trimming, sanding, painting, or placing the part on the model.

Precision and Durability

Both the #2175ET Professional Sprue Cutter and the #9180ET Professional Photo-Etch Scissors were designed by a scale modeler for scale modelers. The #450 Tweezernose™ Pliers was intended initially for the electronics industry for the handling of delicate and tiny parts, such as the components found on circuit boards. But this tool has now crossed over into all categories of the hobby market. Each tool in this Xuron® Tool Kit offers both precision and durability.

Upload to Win!

You could win this TK 3200 Professional Modelers Tool Kit and show the world your best modeling pic at the same time! Just fill in the form below and follow the prompts to enter. We’re excited to see your scale models and looking forward to sharing your talents with our readers. All images uploaded will retain your original copyright and we’ll provide full attribution to any that we share on social media, this blog, or in our newsletters. The winner of the TK 3200 will be notified on or about Monday, August 21, 2023.

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Gerald Voigt

Gerald’s involvement with the scale modeling hobby dates back to his preteen years. Since then he has been involved in just about every aspect of the hobby…IPMS chapter president, product manufacturing, marketing, technical advisor, design engineer, wholesale and retail sales and most recently a hobby advocate and brand ambassador representing Xuron Corp. His initial relationship with Xuron started when he approached us with a product idea, which led to the successful development of two of the most popular tools Xuron produces for scale modelers…the 2175ET Pro Sprue Cutter and the 9180ET Pro PE Scissors.

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