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441-Thread & Cord Scissor

An indispensible scissor for bead weaving and general craft and jewelry making.

Cleanly and easily cuts high strength fishing threads used for bead weaving as well as waxed linen, hemp, cotton cord, pearl knotting thread, embroidery floss and yarn.

The scissor blades are precision ground with one being serrated in order to capture and hold the material being cut (helps contain the slippery threads).

Handles are straight (no finger loops) and the return spring brings the scissor back to the open position after each cut and provides control and comfort in the hand.

Type of Tool:

  • Scissor

Project type:

  • Bead Weaving
  • General Hobbies And Crafts
  • Bead Stringing

Special Features:

  • Serrated Blades

Wire size:


    • Yarn
    • Thread (cotton /silk)
    • Monofilament
    • Fireline
    229 230

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