How To Use Bent Nose Pliers For Jewelry Construction

How to use bent nose pliers in jewelry making.

If you’re looking for a versatile tool that can help you with a variety of jewelry-making tasks, the Xuron® 450BN Bent Nose Pliers are a great option. These pliers have tips bent at a 450-degree angle, making them ideal for opening and closing jump rings with your hands in a comfortable position. They’re also great for making closed wrapped loops, working in tight areas, or handling small objects. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced jewelry maker, bent nose pliers are an essential tool to have in your collection.

In the short video below, we’ll show you how to use the 450BN to make closed wrapped loops, how to attach the loop to your chain directly or with a jump ring, and how to easily open and close jump rings.

Note that although the beginning of the video is not well-lit, after the introduction (at about the 27 second mark), the camera points directly at the work area and lighting is immediately better.

Now that you’ve seen how to use the 450BN Bent Nose Pliers, check out our June 2022 collaborative blog post to and discover all of the essential Xuron® tools for wire wrapping jewelry.

Ashley Bunting

I have been making jewelry my whole life. Growing up with an electrician for a father, I was always digging through boxes of scrap wire and metal bolts and bits. My grandfather was a general do-it-all man and his workshop was an incredible place. The hundreds of tiny drawers filled with washers, screws, doodads, and light bulbs amazed me. I inherited the family love of baubles and parts. I spent my college years attending The University of the Arts where I received a BFA in sculpture. In school I discovered my appreciation of the hand-held object and explored the connection we feel towards objects. Until 2013 I worked at The Beadin’ Path in Freeport, ME where I was the head designer, taught classes, developed new products and traveled as a Sales Representative. I was also a self employed jewelry artist and author. My book, Fiber & Cord Jewelry was published in 2015. Today, I am the Marketing & Brand Manager for Xuron Corporation where I love getting my hands dirty helping with product develpment as well as creatiing marketing materials, traveling to trade shows, and connecting with the wonderful people who use our products.


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