How to Cut Kevlar®

How to cut Kevlar® Fibers with the Xuron® Model 9180.

Kevlar® is a high strength aramid fiber, used for many purposes, one of which is to provide protection to the optical fiber portion of fiber optic cables. The properties that make Kevlar® so strong also make it difficult to cut using a traditional wire cutter or scissors. If you’ve ever wondered how to cut Kevlar® – read on:

We are frequently asked why a Xuron® Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter can’t be used to cut Kevlar®. This is because the fiber is abrasive and will dull the cutting edges quickly. Once dull, the force required to cut the material increases and this will lead to early failure of the cutter. A scissors is the better option.

Our Xuron® Model 9180 Kevlar® Scissors solves the problem

Xuron® Model 9180 Industrial Scissors cuts Aramid and other high strength fibers.The Model 9180 is an industrial grade scissors designed for cutting Kevlar® as well as other high strength fibers, cords, lacing material and fishing line.

Our proprietary grinding technique and hardening process gives this scissors its long-lasting “edge.” Its precision cutting blades cut cleanly, with no fraying. Serrations on one blade help hold slippery fibers to make cutting easier and faster.

Unlike traditional scissors, the Xuron® Model 9180 Kevlar® Scissors has no cumbersome finger loops and it has a built-in return spring to bring the tool back to the open position after each cut.

So, you might ask what other materials can the Model 9180 cut?

The answer is many! It can be used to de-panel printed circuit boards, to cut wire (soft only), cable ties, lacing tape, cable insulation. We do recommend, however, that if you are using it to cut Kevlar® that it only be used for that purpose.

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