FAQ: What Is the Warranty on Xuron® Tools?

What is the warranty on Xuron® brand tools.

Xuron Corporation guarantees its products to be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship providing the tool has been used as recommended by Xuron Corporation. Unless specified otherwise, Xuron® Cutters are not intended for use on any type of hardened wire.

At Xuron Corporation, we are exceptionally conscious that you have spent your hard-earned money to purchase our products and we want you to feel you have received what you’ve paid for (in quality and value). Our internal quality control process comprises multiple steps, from incoming raw material inspection to testing each tool before it leaves our factory. We are, however, human, and mistakes can be made or flaws missed. This is why all products manufactured and sold by Xuron Corporation come with our warranty.

If you have a problem and need to make a warranty claim:

Easy, contact us. Send an email to sales@xuron.com or call 207-283-1401.

We will ask a few questions:

  • ♦ Where was the item purchased?
  • ♦ How long have you had it?
  • ♦ What is the claim for – broken blade, spring, etc?
  • ♦ What do you use the tool for?
  • ♦ If the claim applies to a Cutter, what type/size material are you cutting?

We may ask you to return the tool for evaluation. It’s important for us to determine whether the issue is related to a defect in the material or manufacturing process or to normal wear associated with use.

This is a side note, but an important one. Always be sure the tool you are using is appropriate for your application. This chart provides a handy guide.


Beware of Counterfeit Xuron® Tools and “Confusing Similars”

Please beware of counterfeit products and confusing similar brands circulating in the market that may look similar to authentic Xuron® tools. Don’t be fooled by these replicas; they may look like the real deal, but they lack the quality assurance and performance engineered into every genuine Xuron® tool manufactured here in the USA.

Notice the differences between a genuine Xuron® and a confusing brand similar.

Purchasing from unauthorized sources might initially seem like a bargain, but remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Only genuine Xuron® products are backed by our Factory Warranty, covering any failure due to defects in material or workmanship. This warranty does not cover counterfeit products.

To ensure you get the authentic, high-quality tools you deserve, we strongly recommend purchasing your Xuron® products only from authorized Xuron® tool dealers.

Let’s stand together against counterfeit products and confusing similar brands and keep our toolboxes filled with nothing but the best. Trust Xuron®, trust quality, trust performance.

Abby Robey

I am the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Xuron Corporation. I've had the pleasure of working here for 25 years and one of my favorite parts of the job is meeting Xuron® tool users and hearing the feedback about the products we make.


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