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  1. A. Robie MacDonald

    Thank you for the info
    The 2175 M can i buy this direct from you?`

    Robie MacDonald Nova Scotia Canada

    1. Abby Robey

      Hello, Thank you for your question! We don’t sell direct but can help you find a buying source in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick. Please allow me to locate the nearest retailer and I’ll be back to you.

      Thank you!
      Abby Robey

  2. A. Robie MacDonald

    I have a number of your tools and I appreciate the quality of these cutters, they are a cut above their competition.

    1. Abby Robey

      Thank you! I like you play on words!

      Abby Robey

  3. A. Robie MacDonald

    Thank you for making these products available to we hobby types

    1. Abby Robey

      It is our pleasure to support the model hobby community.

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