Can You Ever Have Too Many Scale Modeling Tools?

The Xuron® Tool Kit #3200 includes three essential tools for pro model builders.

Let’s face it, if you’re like most scale modelers you’re someone inclined to be a hoarder. Your stash of kits is likely to consist of more kits than you could ever build in your lifetime, maybe even two! This propensity to acquire more isn’t just limited to model kits. It also applies to scale modeling tools and everything related.

Who hasn’t amassed a collection of books, decals, paint, and tools? There’s probably some formula or algorithm hardwired into our brains that says we must have X number of tools, of Y type, for Z purpose.

Scale Modeling Tools for Beginners

Professional Modelers Need this Xuron® Tool Kit.
Xuron® TK-3200 Pro Modeler’s Tool Kit

When you began scale modeling, you probably started out with basic and often cheap tools. These tools that appealed to the modeler’s frugal nature … don’t spend too much on stuff … it detracts from what you have to spend on plastic!

If someone were to peek into your stash of scale modeling tools, most likely there among all the latest and greatest tools, they’d find tools you first acquired when you started building models. I know if you searched through mine you would. And I’ve noticed the same thing when visiting friends and their modeling caves.

Can you ever have too many scale modeling tools? I’ll answer that with a resounding NO! Like model kits, once you find a manufacturer who produces the kits in the quality you desire, you tend to purchase most everything they produce, even those subjects that you really aren’t 100% interested in. The same holds true with tools.

Quality, Performance and Comfort

Finding a brand that provides consistent quality, performance and comfort draws you to acquire more and more of their products to perform more and more specific tasks. When you first started building, one tool often was used for as many tasks as possible, but not necessarily delivering the desired results.

This, by itself, can be a rewarding part of modeling. Finding uses for tools that you have acquired, or finding tools to do tasks that others haven’t yet found, can give you an edge in competition or just the satisfaction of accomplishment through the building process.

An Unexpected Resource

Eventually, your scale modeling tool stash becomes an unexpected resource that you find yourself turning towards for other projects and situations. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve had a situation come up where the tools I was using for a repair or installation didn’t do the task, only to remember that one of the many tools in my scale modeling stash just might be the solution, and it was.

So here again, you really can’t have too many tools. You can have too many tools that don’t perform to your expectations. Tools that have no value other than sentimental, like that first hobby knife or sprue cutter. I’ve found that when I’ve purchased cheap one-and-done tools, they tend to only take up space in my tool chest on my modeling bench. When I build, I reach for the “good” tools, not the cheap ones. Yes, I will admit that those cheap tools do get used on occasion. But it is usually for something other than scale modeling and likely that the outcome of their use means they probably won’t be returning to my tool stash.

Take Care of Your Scale Modeling Tools

At some point in your scale model building experience, you learn that you have to take care of your tools, especially once you reach the point of putting quality over price. I’ve relegated just about all of my “cheap” tools to the trash bin or the box filled with “junk” tools in the shed. I know it’s a symptom of being a modeling hoarder. I no longer pass them down to someone just getting started in the hobby. Instead, I prefer to encourage them by giving them something suited for and lasting that they will use and appreciate.

As a modeler and closet hoarder of all things scale modeling. I often have had extra tools in my stash. You never know when having a backup pair might be necessary…and having a backup pair to the backup is okay too.

The Xuron Model 2175ET is a scale modeling tool that no serious modeler should overlook.
Xuron® #2175ET Professional Sprue Cutter

Paying it Forward

It’s also rewarding to give one of those extras as a gift to someone just starting out in the hobby. The Xuron #2175ET Pro Sprue Cutter or any of the other scale modeling tools produced by Xuron will help an enthusiastic modeler progress as he / she progresses from beginner to expert.

What you put in, determines what you get out. Make the investment. Start yourself or a friend off right in the hobby, with the scale modeling tools that offer the best chance of excellent results.

Gerald Voigt

Gerald’s involvement with the scale modeling hobby dates back to his preteen years. Since then he has been involved in just about every aspect of the hobby…IPMS chapter president, product manufacturing, marketing, technical advisor, design engineer, wholesale and retail sales and most recently a hobby advocate and brand ambassador representing Xuron Corp. His initial relationship with Xuron started when he approached us with a product idea, which led to the successful development of two of the most popular tools Xuron produces for scale modelers…the 2175ET Pro Sprue Cutter and the 9180ET Pro PE Scissors.


  1. Greg E. Sedbrook says

    I don’t think you can ever have enough tools…would love to have more of Xuron brand tools…

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