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What Makes Xuron® Split Ring Pliers Different?

496 Split Ring Pliers in use.

If you are a fisherman, saltwater or fresh, you have used split rings to join lures to a hook. Pretty simple concept, however opening the rings can be a challenge.  Xuron’s Model 496 Split Ring Pliers offer a fast and convenient option (as opposed to using your fingernail or a thin knife).

What makes Xuron® Split Ring Pliers different?

✔️ The curved tip is long enough to effectively fit between the rings and open them
✔️ The opposing blade has a “notch” that seats and holds the ring for better stability
✔️ Made from heat treated high carbon steel
✔️ Made in USA!

Xuron® Model 496 Split Ring Pliers.
Xuron® Model 496 Split Ring Pliers.

Thanks to the good people at Today’s Angler, for this instructional video showing the pliers used while reshafting a musky bucktail fishing lure.

And, this blog post by Brad Wiegmann offers some additional helpful information about using split rings as well as tips for changing split rings on crankbaits.

Find the Xuron® Split Ring Pliers as your local tackle shop or various online sources. Some we recommend are:

Stealth Tackle
Musky Tackle Online
Saco Bay Tackle
Lure Parts Online



Abby Robey

Abby Robey

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