Relax With Your Favorite Hobby or Craft Project

Easily cuts yarn, thread, embroidery floss, and other materials used by crafters

Not long ago I read an article about the health benefits associated with having a hobby – something that helps take your mind from the everyday stresses of life and allows for relaxation and fun.  So, I decided to rekindle one of my childhood obsessions and attempt to re-learn crochet and the art of the granny square.  With the help of YouTube and some great blog sites, I was cranking out the squares in no time.  The simple rhythm of the stitches is hypnotic and it truly does bring a sense of calm and relaxation (unless the cat decides to grab the skein of yarn and run around the house).

Soon into my new hobby I had need for a scissor and pulled out my Xuron® Model 440 Scissor and must say, it really is a perfect scissor for yarn.  It snips the yarn cleanly and, since the blades are very thin and pointed, I could cut close to my work.  But, the thing I really appreciate about this scissor is the lack of finger loops and the handy return spring!   This scissor is perfect for yarn, thread, and embroidery floss.  If you do any type of needlework, you will get good use out of this scissor.

I made eight of these squares, sewed them together creating a cowl scarf.  The idea came from a blog site I found while researching “tutorials”.  Check it out — her use of color is simply amazing and she gives easy step by step instructions.

If you have a special hobby that you enjoy, please feel free to share it here with us.

Abby Robey

I am the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Xuron Corporation. I've had the pleasure of working here for 25 years and one of my favorite parts of the job is meeting Xuron® tool users and hearing the feedback about the products we make.

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