The Mystery of the Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter

Graphic illustrates how a Xuron® Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter works

“The cutting edges don’t line up, is this tool defective” ?  This is the single most frequently asked question (with regard to our Cutters).  The answer is, No, this tool is just as it should be and the benefit is in the results.

When you see that the cutting edges don’t align perfectly, what you are noticing is Xuron Corp.’s Micro-Shear® blade bypass cutting method.  Rather than two sharp edges meeting perfectly, our cutting edges are designed so that one slightly bypasses the other for a shearing type of cut.  This graphic that is printed on our packaging sleeve illustrates how it works:

The term, Micro-Shear® is a registered trademark belonging to Xuron Corporation and is used to describe this bypass cutting method.  Only cutters manufactured by Xuron Corporation can be called Micro-Shear®.

The benefit of Micro-Shear® cutting is in the results — your finished work will be smooth and flat and free of the “spike” found when using compression cutters.

I hope this helps clear up some of the mystery of the Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter!

Abby Robey

I am the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Xuron Corporation. I've had the pleasure of working here for 25 years and one of my favorite parts of the job is meeting Xuron® tool users and hearing the feedback about the products we make.


  1. Matt @ Pop-Pop's Paracord, LLC says

    I was wondering if these came with any sort of protective sleeve or holder? I received mine in the mail today from a third party seller with only the cardboard sleeve holding them closed.

    I must say I am VERY impressed with the quality of these and I’m sure they will last a very long time even under hard use. They are very SHARP and I accidentally stabbed myself in the thumb removing them from the cardboard sleeve the first time.

    There are holes in the ends of the handles where one could string a wire closure. I was wondering how others dealt with safely storing their micro-shear flush cutters?

    • Abby Robey says

      Hello — Thank you for your comment. We are currently packaging that scissor (paracord scissor) exactly as you received it (in a protective sleeve). However, your experience makes me realize that we should be protecting the tips of the tools better for the safety of the consumer (you). Also, your comment about using the holes a the ends of the handles for a wire closure is very helpful.
      Here at Xuron, we appreciate when people offer suggestions for how to improve the product and/or packaging and I can assure you, we listen!
      As to how others protect their cutters — I know many people store them in the cardboard sleeve but other than that, I don’t know. I’d love to have anyone else comment on this….

  2. Tammy Kay says

    I LOVE my Xuron micro shear flush cutters. Did I say that I love them? What a difference these cutters have made to my beading. I have problems with arthritis in my hands and wrists so my beading days were limited. Now, because of my Xuron flush cutters, I can cut Fireline like butter with minimal effort or hand pain.

    Thank you,

    A very satisfied customer

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