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  1. Matt @ Pop-Pop's Paracord, LLC

    I was wondering if these came with any sort of protective sleeve or holder? I received mine in the mail today from a third party seller with only the cardboard sleeve holding them closed.

    I must say I am VERY impressed with the quality of these and I’m sure they will last a very long time even under hard use. They are very SHARP and I accidentally stabbed myself in the thumb removing them from the cardboard sleeve the first time.

    There are holes in the ends of the handles where one could string a wire closure. I was wondering how others dealt with safely storing their micro-shear flush cutters?

  2. Tammy Kay

    I LOVE my Xuron micro shear flush cutters. Did I say that I love them? What a difference these cutters have made to my beading. I have problems with arthritis in my hands and wrists so my beading days were limited. Now, because of my Xuron flush cutters, I can cut Fireline like butter with minimal effort or hand pain.

    Thank you,

    A very satisfied customer

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