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  1. Bill Phillippi

    Glad you folks are growing. Visited the coast of Maine, photographing lighthouses, and enjoying the countryside in September 2014. Congratulations, and you have an outstanding line of products. My hobby (or you might call it “Love”) is modeling aircraft, usually WWII vintage.


  2. william r. balderson, jr.

    you are the story of our great country. long may you prosper

  3. yvonne

    really enjoyed this article…and love that Xuron is a Made in the USA company and located in my favorite state.
    thanks for making such quality cutters & I wish you many many years of continued success!

    1. Abby Robey

      Thank you, Yvonne! Please don’t forget to stop and visit us sometime!!

  4. Kimberley A. Brusie

    NIce article, Abby!

    1. Abby Robey

      Thanks, cousin!

  5. Nick Hirst

    Loving the walk down memory lane and the old pictures of the companies roots… Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing pictures in 2026 looking back over the past 10 years, I am sure Abby will look just the same………

    Live long and prosper Xuron.

    Your No1 fan in the UK.

    1. Abby Robey

      Thank you, Nick!

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